Protects your central heating system against magnetite-sludge





























So let's make something very clear...


The MagnaMate is a full eight inches bigger than some magnetic filters we could mention


But of course, our Magnamate isn't just big on size

It's big as in tough – made of...


Then we went and did something else pretty extraordinary...


We gave it a life-long guarantee.

We can say that because we know how well it’s constructed.

We think that’s pretty extraordinary.



And some more stuff you should know...

The MagnaMate comes as standard in 28mm - but you can order it in 22mm

The MagnaMate has a vent valve and a drain plug.

It also has what we call a ‘Simple-Seal’...

Rather than put a large ‘O’ ring, or a special gasket on the top (which you’d have to order if you damaged it!) we went and added a pump-valve washer. So if you should ever have to replace it, you’re almost certain to have one in your toolbox.

Clever, eh?

So why is it square-ish?



















So, given that the MagnaMate Heavy-Duty... stainless steel, not plastic

...has a mighty 10-inch magnet

...has the ‘Simple-Seal’ washer

...and has a life-long warranty...


let’s take a look at all our rivals in this sector...



















MagnaMate 22mm - £175.00Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services


MagnaMate 28mm - £175.00Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services




Delivery is ‘next-day’. Free delivery to UK mainland only.



Why don’t we supply valves? Because we genuinely couldn’t find any tough enough

to come with our life-long guarantee, and we don’t want to sell you anything

that may fail. We recommend (full bore) butterfly valves for around £5 each.



We can supply a ‘Duo’ version of the MagnaMate for 35/42mm heating systems,

You just have to add fittings and valves.







When fluids flow in a pipe, the particles tend to flow in uniform. That’s great in a pipe. But inside a magnetic filter, this isn’t really what you want. A disturbed pattern in flow scatters the ferrous particles so that they are far more likely to wander close to the magnet - where they get picked up by the magnetic field. The square-ish MagnaMate thus breaks up the uniform pattern of flow. Particles bumping into each other is called ‘Brownian Motion’ after the Scottish botanist, Robert Brown. It’s thus particles moving in a random way rather than flowing in uniform motion. It’s all clever stuff.


TeBe Light Engineering Products

19 Cockney Hill, Reading. RG30 4HF


Made in Berkshire, England





We can manufacture bespoke MagnaMate-based magnetic filters.

Simply email us your requirements on

We can include high-temp neodymium magnets, larger chamber, larger ports, etc.



Guaranteed for life


Made great, in Britain





Stainless steel construction...not plastic!


Built to last...and last, and last...